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At the age of just 23, Ellen Muth already has an impressive resume of credits and awards to her name. A resume that Ellen has gained through her sheer dedication and passion for acting, and by putting her heart and soul into every role she plays. Ellen's commitment to her acting is evident even from her early years and first major performance in the film "Dolores Claiborne", based on the book by Stephen King. This passion has seen Ellen move onto many starring and co-starring roles in various films and television programs, and now has led Ellen to her current role as 'George', in the hit Showtime series 'Dead Like Me'.

Born on March 6th 1981, in Milford, Connecticut, USA, Ellen's roots are traceable to Edward I and also to the Mayflower. She is former member of Mensa and Intertel, and loves Burmese cats and driving six speed cars. Her parents Erich and Rachel along with brother Karl (25) have been ardent supporters of her career pursuits, which have so far been rewarded with several awards including - ''Best Supporting Actress'' at the Tokyo Film Festival 1995, The AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival ''Best Actress Award'' in 1999 and The AFI "Screen Actors Guild Prize".also in 1999, As well as many positive reviews of her abilities as an actress. Ellen is a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) member and is also with ICM. Ellen is well travelled internationally and stateside, though she enjoys her "quiet times" at home; according to her dad, a retired Optician and Disabled AmErichan Veteran.

From a young age Ellen participated in many different and varied activites, which included dance, voice, horseback and target shooting. At about the age of twelve she decieded that she wanted to be a model, so she did a local photo shoot and her photo was used in an advertisement for her Dad's Opticians practice. From there Ellen was then accepted at the Ford modelling agency, though told her use would be limited to a certain dress size. However the Rascal's Agency then took her on for any size.

At thirteen Ellen attended a NYC photo shoot for a catalogue "Sawgrass Mills" and appeared on the cover, middle, and back pages. Ellen may have caught a bug acting in school plays and began to study what would be her craft at the local Soap Set and later at the NYC "Lee Strassberg Theatre Institute". At fourteen after four years of acting and modelling, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in acting. Ellen appeared in a 'Milton Bradley Toys' commercial in 1993, then in 1994 she was in a 'Parker Bros' commercial with lines and also appeared as Laura in ''All My Children''.

Ellen then sent her promo headshot to various Talent agencies and got an agent - an achievement in itself, as agents throw away thousands of unsolicited photographs. That year Ellen received acclaim starring as the young Selena in the Stephen King-based film, "Dolores Claiborne" (1995) starring Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh. After "Dolores Claiborne", which she won and Best supporting actress at the Tokyo Film Festival for. Ellen appeared on stage in the production "Nine Armenians" at the Manhatten Theatre Club, and played 'Becca' in "My Good Name" at the Seattle Rep (1996) before taking time off from acting to finish school.

Ellen got her first starring role as Constance in "The Young Girl and the Monsoon" (1999), which earned her the AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival Best Actress Award in 1999. Since then she has been seen in such features as "Rain" (2001) written and directed by Katherine Lindberg, and "A Gentleman's Game" (2001), directed by J. Mills Goodloe.

On TV she has credits which include two episodes of "Law & Order", the television movies "The Truth About Jane", (2000 - TV) and "Two Against Time" (2002 - TV) . She also appeared in the miniseries "Only Love" (1998 - TV) and "Superfire" (2002 - TV)

Ellen currently plays the lead character 'George' in the hit Showtime series "Dead Like Me". Season 1 closed in September 2003 to fantastic critical reviews and ratings that were 45% higher than Showtime's primetime average. Season 2 begins filming January 2004 and will start airing in July 2004.